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Tier I
From 1 to 50 units
per unit monthly

For ambitious operators just getting started or on the rise.

    Tier II
    From 51 to 100 units
    per unit monthly

    For accomplished operators setting the stage for a big leap.

      Tier III
      From 101 to 150 units
      per unit monthly

      For well-established operators expanding their horizons.

        Tier IV
        151+ units
        per unit monthly

        For powerhouse operators with vast reach and vision.

          Billing Disclaimer: Billing occurs at the start of each month. The number of active units at the beginning of each billing period determines monthly fixed costs. Onboarding fees are separate from plan costs. Seasonal operators can opt for a hybrid pricing model, combining a reduced subscription fee with a percentage of each transaction.

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          Custom-built tools enable rapid data integration at all stages of growth, from initial implementation to onboarding of acquired assets. Implementation costs are collected upfront, and vary based on levels of effort required.

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