Liberate your channel management for greater connectivity

Reduce headaches from overpriced 3rd-party channel managers by distributing your properties to Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, and Vrbo, directly from the data source.

Distribute two-way
Distribute two-way

Synchronize calendars & rates with the top OTAs via two-way APIs.

Get 1 degree of separation
1 degree of separation

Only one waypoint between your data and the top booking channels.

Distribute listings easily
Distribute listings easily

Custom-built tools streamline mapping & creation of listings.

Consolidate your inventory
Consolidate your inventory

Distribute to dozens of affiliated sites, all from a single dashboard.

Google Vacation Rentals
Centralized property distribution

Direct connections to the top OTAs

Connect and manage your Airbnb, Booking.com, Vrbo and Expedia multiple property listings all in one place with Direct's proprietary channel manager for multiple properties. Designed for non-techy vacation rental managers, it's simple to link accounts and begin listing properties, no matter if there is an existing account or it's the very first time.

The channel manager that handles multiple property types

Ready for centralized property distribution to optimize all booking sources?

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Pricing that competes

There's compelling, and then there's irresistible. Find out what you'll pay us in minutes.

A breath of fresh air

Our team lives and breathes short-term rentals, and we never, ever stop innovating.